Contract Management

Expedite Contract Signing and Validate Invoices

Interconnect agreements – such as bilateral contracts and swap deals – often come with complex rating, discount terms, and special conditions that add up to lots of errors and miscommunication, especially when managed manually. Telarix has a better way. Our automated contract platform ensures that you can negotiate contracts and get them signed electronically in a timely manner to reduce your financial risk.

A module in our iXLink® family called Contract Receipt and Distribution now solves many of the issues related to bilateral agreements including one of the biggest, getting documents signed in time. Bilateral agreements typically require many approvals from sales, marketing, and network folks, even legal. And the timely signing of documents can have an important financial impact because you are dealing with an actual contract that must be booked and tracked properly. The many headaches of disputes are often avoided when accurate contracts are prepared and signed.

Plus, you can avoid the inefficiencies of tying up people to manage retroactively rating traffic if agreements are signed and finalized in time. Invoice validation is another big value add. Each invoice is recalculated to ensure line items in the invoice are valid and rated properly with rounding errors identified. Finally a thorough audit of usage CDRs and network facilities is performed to ensure records line up.

iXLink® Contract Receipt and Distribution manages and automates your contract negotiations, and comes complete with full audit trail and electronically signed documents capability. The service manages pre-defined templates, validates the content against business rules and applies electronic signatures before passing the information downstream. This service is also adept at capturing mid-cycle rate changes, dial code amendments, and several other nuances of complex contracts. In addition to email and portal access, a number of API’s are provided to ease integration with upstream and downstream OSS/BSS systems.