Price List Management

Manage inter-carrier price lists in real time

Activity on the hubbing side of wholesale is fast and furious, to the point where carriers relying on manual processes cannot keep up with the transactions because rates change almost daily, making automation a necessity.

Telarix’s iXLink® Price List Receipt and Distribution solution puts a stop to many miscommunications, errors, and financial risks associated with poor or lost price list data. It works on both the buy and sell side to simplify and automate telecom price list processes with a powerful method of creating offers plus validating and analysing the offers you receive from other carriers.

Think of iXLink® as automating the supply chain for wholesale carriers and providing data that’s no longer ambiguous, but facts you can rely on, buy from, and route from.

One of the big benefits here is efficiency: you no longer need to fund a data entry team or worry about the time lag and errors associated with chasing faxed documents or emails from your partners.

iXLink® gives you mastery over dial codes: it screens and ensures that specific codes are included to protect you against arbitrage or the intentional hide of codes to “cheap” destinations that are actually not.

The Price List Distribution module of iXLink® automates a number of steps in managing your trading operations. For instance, the system contains a CRM of customer contact and partner data, everything needed to automatically distribute price lists to customers

Price lists are distributed securely and then centralized so the sales manager can have full visibility into questions such as: What’s the status? Was it distributed Ok and did the customer receive it? Do I have an acknowledgement of that? and other vital questions.

In addition to working seamlessly with the iXTools® Price List Receipt and Distribution is designed to work with in-house and vendor-supplied solutions that do pricing and deliver quotations.

iXLink® Price List Receipt™ automates the buying of international wholesale services including voice hubbing and SMS. It validates and processes offers so that rates can be confirmed immediately.

iXLink® Price List Distribution™ is an electronic document services that simplifies and streamlines the interconnect sales process for global carriers. It comes equipped with CRM, email, and sales tracking capabilities.