Smart Links

Automating Decision Making through Business Intelligence

Today’s service provider wholesale business is more complex than ever.  Service providers have to manage thousands of price lists, invoices and contracts on a daily basis. In addition, new partnerships, new content, new technologies, and even new business models are changing the way service providers do business with each other. 

The reality is that managing the back office is more expensive and difficult without process automation.  Businesses that successfully automate repeated processes will eliminate human error and keep processes consistent while freeing up employees to focus on the analysis rather than just gathering and comparing data.

Speeding Up the Wholesale Buying Process

Smart Links, an automated trading platform that utilizes a carrier’s business intelligence, completely automates the trading of wholesale minutes between carriers, speeding up and streamlining the entire process.  The tool allows carriers to create financially sound target buy and sell lists, utilizing customizable business rules and data.

The lists are automatically sent to vendors and vendors are able to match opportunities, creating a more streamlined buying process that not only saves time, but also reduces overhead costs and errors.

Smart Links’ advanced technology allows carriers to look at data to formulate buy and sell lists, ensuring carriers are able to execute their strategies and maximize profits and margins.

Increase Revenue, Reduce Revenue Leakage

Smart Links works in conjunction with iXLink, Telarix’s secure business-to-business information exchange platform that enables all communication service providers, regardless of size, to quickly and efficiently access and share business documents among their trading partners. With the combination of Smart Links and iXlink, operators can increase revenue – and, just as importantly – significantly reduce revenue leakage.