History of Telarix

The power of “holistic wholesale” wasn’t something we fully understood when the Telarix business was formed back in 1996. The vision grew on us over time as we helped customers automate various interconnect functions one by one.

Our first thrust was in cost management: reconciling bills, doing usage audits, and giving our carrier customers visibility into their costs and developing routing techniques to reduce those costs.

That experience led us into the selling side of wholesale where we measured traffic flows and accurately calculated the profit/ loss of buying and selling activity. This was really the beginning of iXTools®, our unified software product that encompassed wholesale functions under one data warehouse and database.

The next stage in our evolution came in 2007 when a few of the largest global telcos came to us for help. They said: "Listen, we're having trouble communicating amongst ourselves, yet every day we need to exchange price lists and contractual information. And we need to settle with each other, but there's no uniform or standard process or format to do that, so we'd like you to sit in the middle and translate so our systems can be fed this info automatically."

So Telarix took on that challenge. And when we did that, we solved three big problems for them: 1) we inserted automation into a very manual process; 2) we created "standards" in the form of price lists, invoices, and contractual documents; and 3) we sorted out the language, currency, and other issues they were having.

And that really is the genesis of iXLink®, the neutral business information exchange that today is used by over 3,000 carriers and performs tens of thousands of monthly transactions in price lists and document exchange. Over the years we've added a great many enhancements to iXLink® such as the ability to understand destinations and develop the destination code needed to route calls.

Then in 2010, some of our biggest customers approached us again, this time on the subject of billing and settlements. They noticed that we were already aggregating, analyzing, and reconciling their financial information. So they asked us to take the next logical step and take over interconnect billing for them and then audit those bills against the information we had already collected.

So this is how Telarix got into wholesale billing. Now admittedly, Telarix is a late entrant to the interconnect billing arena. Yet today, nearly all of the largest telcos in the world are our billing customers and in a recent analyst report, Frost and Sullivan has called Telarix the “market leader” in interconnect billing.

But our ability to enter the billing and settlements arena should really be no surprise. It’s merely an indicator that our customers recognize the strategic value of the “Holistic Wholesale” solution Telarix has delivered to them for years. And billing becomes another valuable cog in the integrated wholesale machine they are building for themselves.

So this is a brief history of Telarix. As you can see, our roots in the interconnect industry began in cost management and business profitability side and today we have expanded into billing and offer what we believe is the most complete and powerful unified wholesale solution on the market.

For details on each of the 16 modules we offer, please scan our website and download the case studies and other resources we’ve prepared, we also welcome hearing from you, please contact us at sales@telarix.com to learn more.