Telarix and the Vision of Holistic Wholesale℠

No service provider can run a profitable wholesale business unless the people who make up that business collaborate and share information effectively.

The people who run your wholesale (interconnect) business are united by an invisible circle that connects teams in billing, engineering, sales, network buying, finance, collections, audit, IT, and others. None of these teams stand-alone; each relies on other teams in the circle to perform their functions and feed data and decisions back into the circle so the business can operate at its maximum potential.

Competent experts manage every function that hangs off the circle, but those experts are only as good as the cards they are dealt: their career experience, of course, but also the quality and timeliness of the information they access from the circle.

If that information circle were to completely break down, the wholesale business would surely fail. That’s easy to see. But what’s not so easy to see are the hundreds of incremental losses that come from working with an imperfect circle – one that has major intelligence gaps, middleware glitches, data integrity flaws, siloed data, and information that arrives too late to do any good.

We at Telarix believe the answer to telecom wholesale’s most daunting problems is to simplify the business environment and build toward the vision of what we call Holistic Wholesale. The secret to profitable wholesale is to synchronize the work of the many scattered teams that run the business around a single unified process, database, and set of trusted data. The two main principles of Holistic Wholesale are these:

A Single Unified Platform & Process – A service provider can run its entire wholesale business off of one software system and one database. For instance, our iXTools has workflow that can be used by the sales group, finance department, operations, routing, and billing. All these groups are pulling off source data from a single data warehouse, and very often that data is available in real-time.

Rock Solid Data Integrity – The old computing term “GIGO” – Garbage In, Garbage Out – was never more relevant than it is in the wholesale business. A single unified platform is worthless unless you can guarantee data integrity. And this is precisely where our neutral information exchange iXLink plays its invaluable role in data cleansing, error checking, and translating. At the point where carriers intersect to do business there’s a great tangle of price lists, rates, promotions, and dial codes. iXLink is what turns that chaos into information you can truly trust and act on.

The strength of the Telarix solution is the broad breadth of wholesale functions managed by our unified platform. See the illustration below.