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Telarix Adopts Hadoop to Support Telecom Operators’ Next Generation Interconnect Requirements

London, UK (PRWEB) October 23, 2017 - Big Data Storage & Processing Driving Need for Cutting Edge Technology

Telarix Inc. ("Telarix"), the leading provider of wholesale and partner solutions for service providers, has announced that it has adopted Hadoop to underpin its iXLink and iXTools solution offerings. The shift to Hadoop will provide international carriers and interconnect providers the speed, scalability and big data business intelligence tools required to meet new regulatory demands, enter new markets and address upcoming business connectivity challenges, such as the Internet of Things and 5G networks.

 It is estimated that carriers who historically processed one billion CDRs a month, typically aggregated and reported on 100,000s of report records a month, equating to 300 GB of storage. Today, carriers who traditionally process even fewer CDRs are now finding themselves processing 10s of millions more records per month, resulting in multi-terabyte reporting marts. This amount of data, reporting and storage required is expected to grow exponentially as 5G networks become operational.

By moving to an open-source platform based on Hadoop, Spark and other big data technologies, Telarix will enable CSPs to support additional reporting capabilities, reduce final storage and significantly reduce reporting times, while providing CSPs with a lower cost of ownership.

“As we shift from gigabytes to terabytes of storage for reporting marts, the need for open-source big data processing power becomes more apparent. Bringing big-data architecture to our iXLink and iXTools platforms not only empowers carriers to meet the demands of today’s evolving telecom landscape but equips them for IoT and 5G requirements,” says Aravind Venkateswaran, Chief Technology Officer at Telarix.

iXLink is a unique telecom-focused, wholesale business optimization platform that brings together a growing community of over 4,000 carriers from 200+ countries around the globe. It automates and standardizes the exchange of critical interconnect business information and facilitates the buying and selling of voice, SMS and data between carriers. In this collaborative environment, carriers can better manage the complexities of their entire interconnect business, and receive and exchange information with greater efficiency, security and reliability.

The iXTools platform is a comprehensive solution that automates a carriers routing, billing, settlement, audit and trading processes. For 20+ years, Telarix has automated hundreds of carriers’ back-end businesses; from routing and billing, to partner settlement, wholesale trading, price list and invoice management. Over that time Telarix has helped carriers of all sizes become more efficient and profitable.

About Telarix 
Telarix is a leading provider of interconnect and settlement software solutions to telecom communication service providers (“CSPs”) worldwide. The Company’s products drive ROI for customers by enabling and optimizing voice, SMS, video and data between CSP networks with wholesale billing, business intelligence, fraud management, least cost routing and partner settlement solutions. Telarix supports a global community of over 4,000 carriers, including 38 of the top 40 worldwide, and processes over 300 billion voice, SMS, content and data minutes each year. The Company's solutions serve as the standard in electronic information exchange for the telecom industry, offering carriers an unprecedented level of visibility and control of their interconnect traffic. For more information, visit us at http://www.telarix.com.

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