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Telarix Supports HGC Global Communications Vision to Bring the Best Communications Technologies to People and Businesses

Honolulu, Hawaii January 22, 2018 - Telarix Inc. (“Telarix”), the leading provider of wholesale and partner solutions for service providers, is pleased to announce that HGC Global Communications Limited (“HGC”, formerly known as Hutchison Global Communications Limited), has added Telarix to its lineup of leading technology suppliers in support of its mission to combine its network infrastructure with the latest technologies to strengthen connections among people and businesses in the Digital Era.

HGC, a full-fledged fixed-line operator with extensive Hong Kong and international network coverage and infrastructure, recently announced a new name and brand identity to differentiate its transformation in the digital era. HGC has selected Telarix, the market leader of Interconnect Business Optimization solutions, to complement HGC’s vision by enabling a full suite of Interconnect Business Management. Telarix will be one of HGC’s most important vendors and complement HGC’s digital transformation to become a leading global wholesale voice and hub center.

“HGC’s partnership with Telarix is expected to play a significant role in our digital transformation initiative as it will provide us with a modern, industry-leading, proven platform for wholesale interconnect business management and with new capabilities to support our growing SMS A2P business,” said Carrie Chan, Vice President - Voice and Messaging Services International Business of HGC. “Leveraging HGC’s multinational voice-based telecommunications services business portfolio, and Telarix’s Origin-based Rating, Routing and Billing and SMS Management solutions, we will deliver greater efficiency and accuracy in the management of all aspects of our international business, including agreement management, dial code and rate analysis, optimized routing, provisioning of data to downstream systems and improved reporting and analysis.”

“Telarix congratulates HGC on their new brand identity. We are extremely proud to be the new supplier of Interconnect Business Optimization Solutions and support the HGC business initiative to bring better communications technologies to people and businesses,” said Marco Limena, Telarix CEO. “With the Telarix Origin-based Routing and SMS Management solutions, operators like HGC will greatly reduce operational inefficiencies, improve margins, and grow revenue.”

Irfan Abubaid, Assistant Vice President - Global Sales Voice & Messaging Services International Business of HGC added, “We believe that HGC’s new messaging platform powered by Telarix could transform the way we conduct our ever growing A2P business unit and will give us scalability and the ability to automate the operational process. We expect our partners to experience faster and better service and benefit greatly from our global coverage and futuristic suite of digital products.”

Telarix’s Origin-based Rating, Routing and Billing and SMS Management solutions are components of the Telarix Unified Suite, which enables operators to succeed in an increasingly connected world by streamlining and automating the business of global communications. On average, Telarix customers experience reductions in disputes by up to 50% within months of implementing the solution. In addition, a significant increase in won disputes occurs as a result of the available data the Telarix solution provides, especially disputes caused by origin-based charges.

About Telarix

Telarix is the world’s leading provider of business-to-business and OSS/BSS management solutions to improve efficiency and productivity. The company’s iXLink B2B information exchange platform enables carriers to optimize operational capabilities across all areas of the business — from analytics, billing and settlement, and contract management to fraud protection, pricing and traffic routing. The platform provides carriers with an unprecedented level of visibility and control over interconnect voice, video, data and SMS services and is used by more than 4,000 communications companies across the globe. For more information, visit Telarix at www.telarix.com

About HGC Global Communications Limited

HGC Global Communications Limited (HGC) is a leading Hong Kong and international fixed-line operator. The company owns an extensive network and infrastructure in Hong Kong and overseas and provides various kinds of services. It provides telecom infrastructure service to others operators and serves as a service provider to corporate and households. The company provides full-fledged telecom, data centre services, ICT solutions and broadband services for local, overseas, corporate and mass markets. HGC owns and operates an extensive fibre-optic network, four cross-border telecom routes integrated into tier-one telecom operators in mainland China and connects with hundreds of worldclass international telecom operators. HGC is one of Hong Kong’s largest Wi-Fi service providers, running over 29,000 Wi-Fi hotspots in Hong Kong. The company is committed to further investing and enriching its current infrastructure and, in parallel, adding on top the latest technologies and developing its infrastructure services and solutions. HGC is a portfolio company of I Squared Capital, an independent global infrastructure investment manager focusing on energy, utilities and transport in North America, Europe and selected fast-growing economies. To learn more, please visit HGC’s website at: www.hgc.com.hk

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