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Independent Study Shows Powerful Return-on-Investment for Telarix Solutions

Honolulu, Hawaii January 23, 2018 - Telecom Carriers see a proven 100% reduction in overcharges for carrier business SMS and origin-based traffic, and 50% reduction in order processing time.

Telarix Inc. (“Telarix”), the leading provider of international carrier business solutions for service providers, announced today the results of a detailed study to better understand and measure the value being driven by its two latest solutions. – Origin Based Handling (OBH) and SMS Routing.  

 New European regulations for international telecom carriers require that the price of calls be based not only on destination, but origin as well. Most carriers, however, cannot identify and segment origin-based traffic, leaving them unable to charge other carriers correctly.  In addition, the A2P SMS market is experiencing double-digit growth; expected to reach US $70 Billion by 2020.  Outdated tools aren’t allowing CSPs to keep up with rapidly changing SMS price lists and dynamic routing changes. In early 2017, Telarix launched separate software solutions to help carriers automate and optimize these areas of their telecom business.

To better understand the return on investment CSPs are experiencing with its new SMS and OBH tools, Telarix engaged the ROI Research Firm Hobson & Company to conduct a detailed, independent study of its customers from across the globe. Below are the actual results CSPs have experienced since implementing the solutions:


  • 50% reduction in time spent managing price lists, invoices and disputes
  • 100% reduction in overcharges
  • 50% improvement in dispute collection and collection speed
  • 20% improvement in OBH revenue


  • 50% reduction in time spent managing price lists, invoices and disputes
  • 75% reduction in IT time and effort
  • 100% reduction in overcharges
  • 5% improvement in SMS revenue

“Communications service providers face many challenges today, including complexities brought on by regulatory, competitive and digital transformation initiatives. With automated solutions from Telarix, the end-to-end process of managing OBH and SMS is streamlined and optimized. The results from the ROI study show that the benefits Telarix’s solutions provide go beyond saving time and resources. They also empower CSPs to capture new revenue and improve margins,” said Marco Limena, Telarix CEO. “We now have an ROI tool that helps carriers to quantify what their potential benefits will be when one of these solutions is implemented.”

 For more information on how Telarix can improve your SMS and OBH business, visit our solutions webpage.

About Telarix

Telarix is the world’s leading provider of business-to-business and OSS/BSS management solutions to improve efficiency and productivity. The company’s iXLink B2B information exchange platform enables carriers to optimize operational capabilities across all areas of the business — from analytics, billing and settlement, and contract management to fraud protection, pricing and traffic routing. The platform provides carriers with an unprecedented level of visibility and control over interconnect voice, video, data and SMS services and is used by more than 4,000 communications companies across the globe. For more information, visit Telarix at www.telarix.com

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