Telarix Launches Powerful New Help Center

Vienna, Virginia May 7, 2018 – Customer Satisfaction Proven to be a Top Priority at Telarix

Telarix Inc. (“Telarix”), the leading provider of international business solutions for service providers, is excited to announce the successful launch of our new customer service experience in a move to provide customers with one-stop access to the Telarix Knowledge Base information library as well as additional self-service, best practice and knowledgeable support resources.

 “At Telarix, our top focus is our customers. That’s why we have partnered with Zendesk, a best-in-class provider of customer service software,” said Telarix CEO, Marco Limena. “The new Telarix Help Center will be modelled following a Knowledge Centered Support (KCS) methodology, which leverages Telarix’s collective knowledge-base across all clients. This structured and verified knowledge base in turn provides an enhanced and more efficient customer experience.”

The Telarix Help Center is the industry’s first repository for best practices in interconnect business and network optimization. Updated daily by industry experts, the tool currently features over 3,000 articles spanning all product and service areas as related to international carrier business. The upgraded tool fosters a more inclusive customer experience, featuring innovative functionality, including:

  • Self-Service ‘Knowledge Base’ - empowers customers to quickly access answers to their questions on their time.
  • Community Engagement - enables customers to share insights with one another, while also providing feedback directly to the Telarix support staff.
  • Auto Discovery - intuitively provides top recommendations to articles matching customers’ search criteria.
  • Dedicated Customer Portal – provides streamlined access to the comprehensive knowledge base plus quick and easy access to Telarix Help Center personnel, all via a single login.
  • Direct Engagement and Support – allowing customers to engage, communicate and manage their own priorities and issues.

“We look forward to raising the bar on customer support by providing a deeper level of engagement and an enhanced user experience for all of our valued customers,” said Dan Dooley, Telarix Chief Revenue Officer.

About Telarix

Telarix is the world’s leading provider of business-to-business and OSS/BSS management solutions to improve efficiency and productivity. The company’s iXLink B2B information exchange platform enables carriers to optimize operational capabilities across all areas of the business — from analytics, billing and settlement, and contract management to fraud protection, pricing and traffic routing. The platform provides carriers with an unprecedented level of visibility and control over interconnect voice, video, data and SMS services and is used by more than 4,000 communications companies across the globe. For more information, visit Telarix at

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