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Merger of Telarix and Starhome Mach to Improve Telecom Providers’ Global Connectivity

Merger of Telarix and Starhome Mach to Improve Telecom Providers’ Global Connectivity

Two leading telecommunication software companies merge to create seamless innovative solutions to successfully participate, compete, and partner within the global telecom ecosystem.

Vienna, VA, October 2, 2018 – Telarix, the leading global provider of Interconnect Business Optimization solutions for the international voice and SMS markets, today announced its merger with Starhome Mach, the leading global provider of SaaS wholesale and retail roaming, clearing, settlement and fraud prevention solutions. The combination of Telarix and Starhome Mach creates the first and only end-to-end technology solution provider enabling telecommunication companies to optimize global connectivity in the digital transformation era. This merger will allow communication service providers (CSPs) to better serve the needs of their market segments. The merger of Telarix and Starhome Mach will lead to a new company with a community of thousands of carriers and deployments in over 400 of the largest CSPs globally across more than 130 countries.

“This announcement marks the beginning of a very exciting journey for Telarix and Starhome Mach,” said Telarix CEO Marco Limena. “As global digitalization accelerates, the rate of connectivity and interoperability among businesses, people and devices grows exponentially, with the networks of CSPs facilitating these transactions. CSPs must manage the negotiation, traffic management, and billing and settlement requirements of their complex partner ecosystems, while at the same time, ensuring healthy and profitable business lines. The newly merged company will invest in developing new products and services to address the full range of carrier solutions required to successfully participate, compete, and partner within the global telecom ecosystem.”

“Telecommunication carriers and providers are challenged with managing the complexities of achieving seamless, ubiquitous connectivity for their customers. We are seeing demand for a single supplier who can provide fully integrated end-to-end solutions. By Starhome Mach merging with Telarix, we can bring this innovation to the market and exceed customer requirements,” said Starhome Mach’s CEO, Itai Margalit. “Our success in launching SaaS versions of our leading roaming and clearing platforms introduced a variety of other innovative solutions in real-time anti-fraud, Network Function Virtualization and Internet of Things (IoT). We are excited to bring together the complementary solutions, teams and knowledge of the two companies.”

“The telecommunications market is looking to maximize and extend its network capabilities. With the developments of 5G, cloud and IoT there is more demand than ever before for seamless connectivity” said Steve Pusey, former Group CTO and Board Member of Vodafone and current Senior Board Advisor to Telarix. “Telarix and Starhome Mach have been very successful in their respective markets. The joining together of their relative expertise creates a unique opportunity to address the market demand for full spectrum solutions. I look forward to working closely with the combined leadership of the new company as they work to redefine this complex and ever-changing industry.”

The merged company will be headquartered in Vienna, Virginia, USA and be led by current Telarix CEO, Marco Limena. Itai Margalit will become President, Roaming and Clearing Services.

About Telarix

Telarix is the world’s leading provider of business-to-business and OSS/BSS management solutions to improve efficiency and productivity. The company’s iXLink B2B information exchange platform enables carriers to optimize operational capabilities across all areas of the business — from analytics, billing and settlement, and contract management to fraud protection, pricing and traffic routing. The company’s iXTools platform provides carriers with an unprecedented level of visibility and control over interconnect voice, video, data and SMS services and is used by more than 4,000 communications companies across the globe. For more information, visit Telarix at www.Telarix.com.

About Starhome Mach

Starhome Mach enables seamless innovative solutions that overcome the complex challenges of today’s digital transformation era to drive desired business performance. In 1999, Starhome Mach revolutionized the Mobile industry with the introduction of its groundbreaking international solutions. Today, Starhome Mach’s comprehensive solutions portfolio includes B2B Settlement, Customer Engagement, Real Time Analytics, Fraud and Security, and the Internet of Things. With an exceptional customer base of more than 300 mobile network operators, including 24 leading telecom groups, Starhome Mach has unique access to core network data, can automatically analyze mass amounts of data, and take real-time actions that improve the customer experience. For more information visit www.Starhomemach.com.

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